53 Years - Lived to the Fullest

It all began when a handsome Naval Office, serving as an usher at a wedding, was smitten by a gorgeous blonde. 

We both believed in long engagements so we were married six months later, even though I was away on Temporary Duty for two of those months. The date was the first of the many compromises we would make through our 53 years of marriage...I wanted Cinco de Mayo (May 5th.) she wanted May 2nd. So we compromised and were married on May 2, 1964.

Andrea passed quietly on June 16, 2017 after five years of bravely fighting pulmonary fibrosis. Many of the family were gathered to say good bye, and it was a blessed moment that I would pray for anyone who loses a spouse.

This will not be a chronology of our marriage, but as I run across pictures that bring back memories I'll share them with you. 

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I will share some history though to get us started. Just a little hint as to why I was so smitten by the beauty queen at the wedding reception!

Our Family

We had two wonderful sons, who have married wonderful wives, Through the two families I have now have eight grandchildren and two great-grandsons.

This was taken in Destin Beach at our 2104 family reunion.


Notably missing are Jett and Bennet, our great-grandsons who weren't born at the time.

Jett and Bennett

Just so the family is complete, here are the two latest additions to our clan. Both are sons of Andie and Brett.

Jett was born May 25, 2016 

Bennett was born February 18, 2018

Almost The Entire Clan 

I'm now the Patriarch!

Missing are Brett, Jett and Bennet, all who joined the clan after our visit in 2012 to my great grandfather's ranch - now the Yates Oil Field in Iraan, Texas