How This Blog Began  

Well, it's like this...... life happens while you're waiting for life to happen.

I got the idea during the last years of Andrea's life, with her blessing, that if something happened to her before me, Molly and I would get in our RV and travel for several months since I didn't think I  could stand to be in the house with so many memories. My plan was to retrace our 100,000+ RVing miles, visiting all our favorite places. 

That was before I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in June of 2015. Our last trip was canceled when I was too weak to set up our RV at the first RV park. Together we agreed the Breeze was too big, so we returned to San Antonio and traded it for a Coach House Arriva (see 9 Coaches Later) We made one weekend trip before we both became too sick to because of my strength, and Andrea because we were afraid to be away from her doctors and hospital.

Since then it's been a real rollercoaster ride, or as Ted Nelson used to say, "Like a yo-yo on a short string." Andrea died in June of 2017. Later that year I was hospitalized with a thyroid storm and a-fib with rapid heart beat. After all this time I'm greatly recovered and hitting the road again.

This website will chronicle my  "yonderin'," to quote an old West Texas saying and one of my Dad's and my favorite authors, Louis L'Amour, who used the phrase, too.

I dedicate this blog to Andrea, Chloe and Molly who will always be in my heart no matter how far I journey